Can you put 6×9 speakers in car door?

The only way you can make the fit is to cut out the extra metal that is required to slot in the 6×9 car speaker. … You will need a dremel that works with metal as you will need make the hole bigger in the door or rear parcelshelf speakers.

What are 6×9 speakers good for?

The 6×9 speakers will turn any car into a music machine. You can play music at a loud volume as they have a 92 dB sensitivity rating. Their RMS power is 70 watts and their peak power is 210 watts. Mylar has been used to make the tweeters, so they are lightweight and resistant to humidity.

Can you replace 6.5 speakers with 6×9?

Well, 6.5 is round, and 6×9 is oval. So yes, theoretically you can replace one with the other, but there are several things to consider: First, the cutout for the speaker will have to be modified, as the 6×9 is larger and a different shape.

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Should 6×9 speakers be in a box?

Some contemporary 6×9 speakers can produce astonishing amounts of bass there. To retain that capability however there needs to be at least the minimum enclosure volume that allows them to do it. So much for the theory, the reality is they may work just fine in a small enclosure.

Can you run 6×9 without an amp?

Most likely it will supply sufficient power for low grade 6x9s, but any high grade 6x9s would sound much better if powered by an amp, which would need to be very big for just those, so you probably wouldnt have to spend too much money on one if thats all you wanted it for.

Are 6.5 or 6×9 speakers better?

The 6×9 however do have more cone area and will be better at reproducing midbass and will be able to get a little lower than 6.5″ speakers. If you’re not getting an amp or replacing the stock head unit it would be a good idea to get a 6X9 component that has higher sensitivity 90db or more.

What are the best 6×9 speakers for sound quality?

Best 6×9 Inch Car Speakers List

  • Runner Up, Overall Pick: Hertz HCX 690. …
  • Best Splurge Pick: JL Audio C2-690TX. …
  • Stylish Pick: Infinity REF-9623IX. …
  • Best Value Pick: Polk Audio DB692. …
  • Best Volume Pick: Alpine R-S69. …
  • Best Bass: Infinity Kappa 93ix. …
  • Runner Up, Best Bass: MTX THUNDER693. …
  • Best 4-Way: Kenwood KFC-6986PS. Previous.

Do 6.5 speakers have good bass?

The Pyle 6.5” Three-Way Sound Speaker System is an overall excellent set of car speakers for enhanced bass. These speakers have a maximum power output of 360 watts and operate at 180 watts RMS.

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What’s the best 6.5 speakers for a car?

Best 6.5″ Coaxial Car Speaker Reviews for 2021

  • Best Overall Pick: JL Audio C5-650X.
  • Runner Up, Overall Pick: HERTZ HCX 165.
  • Best Sound Clarity: FOCAL K2 Power 165KRC.
  • Best Convertible Speaker: JL Audio C3-650.
  • Best Volume Pick: Alpine SPR-60.
  • Best for Bass: Rockford Fosgate Power T1675.
  • On a Budget Pick: Polk Audio DB652.

Does Speaker size matter in a car?

Yes. There are size considerations you have to make when choosing tweeters, woofers and subs and comparing coaxial vs components speakers especially when building a custom audio system. … The size of tweeters you choose must be compatible with your speakers in important matters such as power handling.

How do I get more bass out of my 6×9 speakers?

Get a enclosure box for your 6×9 speakers.

Placing them inside a box will allow the bass to be more deeper and fuller sounding. This will provide more midbass punch and impact creating bass that you can feel as well as hear which is perfect for loud rap music.

How do you make a speaker box for a 6×9 speaker?

How to Build a 6×9 Speaker Box

  1. With a circular saw, cut two rectangular pieces of 3/4-inch MDF to 12×8 inches each. …
  2. With a circular saw, cut two rectangular pieces of 3/4-inch MDF to 12×6 inches each. …
  3. With a circular saw, cut two rectangular pieces of 3/4-inch MDF to 6-1/2×6 inches each.

What 6×9 speakers have the most bass?

6 Best 6×9 Speakers With Deep Bass

  • BOSS Audio Systems N×694 Car Speakers.
  • JBL GT0939 Premium 6×9 inches Co-axial Speakers.
  • 2 New Kicker 43DSC69304 D – Series 6×9 Speakers.
  • CERWIN VEGA XED693 6×9 inches Speakers.
  • Infinity Reference 96321X 6×9 Car Audio Speakers.
  • Rockford Fosgate P1692 Punch 6×9 2 – Way Speakers.
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Do I need a car stereo amplifier?

You don’t need to be a car audio expert, or even particularly observant, to point to your car stereo or your speaker grills. The same isn’t true of amplifiers, which are often associated with high-performance car audio. The truth, however, is that every single car audio system absolutely needs to have an amplifier.

Do I need an amp for door speakers?

Do you need an amp for door speakers? The answer is a resounding yes! Amplifiers make a significant difference to the performance of audio systems, both at home and in an automobile. However, many car owners, especially those not too fussy about sound quality, only see it as an additional expense.

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