Frequent question: Are car seats covered by insurance?

Insurance Companies Cover New Child Car Seats After Accidents. … If you do and you were involved in a car crash, replacing the seats for safety reasons may be on your mind. Auto insurance will usually cover the cost of replacing child car seats and booster seats after virtually any crash.

Does full coverage insurance cover car seats?

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policies Should Cover Car Seats

If you have a comprehensive car insurance policy, then your policy should cover the cost of repairing or replacing a car seat after an accident. Typically, car insurance policies do not cover any items in your vehicle.

Does insurance have to replace car seats?

Most insurance companies will replace your car seat in a crash without question. … They don’t require you to buy the same seat. For instance, if your child was about to outgrow an infant seat, the insurance company will allow you to buy a convertible in its place.

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When a car seat is in an accident?

NHTSA Car Seat Re-Use Recommendations

Replacement is needed for any moderate to severe crash, but not for minor crashes. But if your child’s car seat manufacturer says to replace the seat after any crash (even a minor one), you should comply. If you have questions, call the manufacturer directly to discuss them.

Should you replace child’s car seat after accident?

A child car seat that was in a car when it was involved in a collision should be replaced, even if there is no visible damage. It may have been weakened to such an extent that it will not provide the same level of protection in another accident.

How do I get insurance to replace my car seat?

If you need to replace your child’s car seat, contact your insurance agent and ask them how they’d like you to proceed with your claim, or if they will cover it. General guidelines suggest that, if the accident was the other party’s fault, and if you have full coverage, then your company should cover your seat.

Does Geico cover car seat replacement?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says a car seat doesn’t have to be replaced after a minor crash. … Progressive Insurance told us they do not cover car seat replacement. Geico says they do. Allstate and State Farm says they cover it, in accordance with the NHTSA.

What is considered a minor crash?

Minor auto accidents typically involve slight damage to the vehicle that does not impede the vehicle’s ability to operate or cause severe injuries. For instance, a person may rear-end your vehicle and cause a few dents or scratches to the bumper.

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How much do insurance companies pay for car seats?

Car seats.

Many auto insurance policies will pay for the replacement – a good thing considering how costly car seats can be. According to the parenting website, you’ll likely pay $90 to $350 for a good car seat (or far more, if you choose).

What is considered a moderate crash?

A moderate to severe crash is defined as the “equivalent to hitting a solid, fixed barrier at 8-14 mph or higher. (This would be the equivalent of striking a parked car of similar size at about 16-28 mph or higher.)

Can you tell if a car seat has been in an accident?

Car seats that have been involved in a crash may not appear damaged. No one can visually inspect a car seat for you or certify that it’s safe to use if the history is unknown or it has been in a crash.

How often should you replace a car seat?

The life span is usually six years. Expiration dates ensure that key components of the seat haven’t become too worn and that the seat meets contemporary safety standards, which are always being raised. If your child’s seat has been in a crash. Most seats can be reused after a minor fender bender.

What voids a car seat warranty?

One of a parent’s primary concerns when driving with their baby is that their child is comfortable and happy in their car seat, which often involves the use of aftermarket accessories. However, any aftermarket product not made by the manufacturer of the car seat can void its warranty.

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Can you reuse a car seat after an accident?

Most seats must be replaced after any crash. Some, however, may be reused after a minor crash. … If your seat is one that allows reuse following a minor crash you will need to make sure that your collision has met all of the NHTSA crash criteria before continuing to use the seat.

How long do car seats last?

In general, car seats expire between 6 and 10 years from the date of manufacture. They expire for a number of reasons, including wear and tear, changing regulations, recalls, and the limits of manufacturer testing.

Can you use a car seat base after an accident?

Damage to the seat or base may cause it to fail in an accident, even a minor one. It is absolutely important NOT to use the safety seat and base if it is damaged or broken in any way. … The child restraint must be destroyed and replaced if it has been in a crash and does not comply with ALL safety conditions.

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