Where can I find discontinued car parts?

Where can I find discontinued parts?

Many times you can actually find an item that is discontinued on Google Shopping, eBay Auto and Amazon. Do not give up, many auto wreckers specialize in finding discontinued parts. In fact, there are auto wreckers that specialize in certain brands.

Why are parts discontinued?

There are several reasons an auto company may decide to discontinue replacement parts. They can range from lack of demand, inability to continue with an outside supplier, or because an aftermarket manufacturer has created a part priced below what the carmaker can make money on. … First consider aftermarket options.

Is it hard to find parts for old cars?

Admittedly, you may eventually find that it becomes harder to get parts for an older car, but we think this is something that we suspect will happen decades from now, not years. Even then, third-party companies often take over the parts supply business from automakers, making discounted parts for older vehicles.

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Did Walmart stop selling car parts?

TMF: Walmart stops selling car parts / Humor and Urban Legends. In a bold move intended to curb the thousands of deaths from vehicles each and every day, Walmart has decided to stop selling auto parts, sources confirmed Tuesday.

Where can I find rare auto parts?

The best way to locate rare car parts is to call a specialty dealership directly. If you own a Mercedes, visit the Mercedes dealership. These dealerships will offer a limited supply of OEM parts in-store or will special order apart from if it’s not in stock.

What to do if parts are discontinued?

Because most manufacturers don’t inform their dealers that parts have been discontinued, the only way for the dealer to know is to manually check. It is a good idea to contact the online retailer to see if the part is available before placing an order and assuming that they have the part in stock.

How long must a manufacturer supply replacement parts?

Under California’s Lemon Law, manufacturers of most household electronic goods that sell for more than $100 have to provide spare parts for up to seven years, regardless of warranty status.

Should I buy a car that is discontinued?

Buying a discontinued car model can be an investment, especially with older vehicles. Unlike with most cars, your vehicle might actually increase in value if you’re lucky — and you can often get a good deal on recently discontinued models. But it might not be the safest option out there.

How many years do car manufacturers have to make parts?

Auto manufacturers are required by US Federal Law to have parts available for any models they sold for the period of 10 years.

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Is it hard to get car parts?

Dealerships. The most obvious way to attempt to locate a part that is difficult to find is to simply call the dealership. In the overwhelming majority of cases, a dealership will be able to order the OEM part if they do not have the part in stock.

Why are auto parts so expensive?

The main reason is probably “because they can be” – you buy your car, a few years later, part of it breaks, and you really need it to fix it so it works properly. You need the parts, so the car company can charge a higher price for them – because not buying the part isn’t an option.

Can you still get parts for Oldsmobile?

OEM Oldsmobile Parts – Select Model

Oldsmobile produced over 35 million cars in its time, many of which are still on the road today. … Invest in your Oldsmobile and purchase only OEM parts – they’re guaranteed to be an exact fit for your vehicle’s specifications.

Did Walmart buy Advance Auto Parts?

Walmart partners with Advance Auto Parts

Walmart Inc. announced on Tuesday a partnership with Advance Auto Parts Inc., one of the largest U.S. aftermarket parts retailers, that will create an automotive specialty store on Walmart.com.

Does Walmart carry car parts?

Keep Your Vehicle in Great Condition with Top Auto Parts. Whether you consider yourself a gearhead or prefer knowing that your vehicle is maintained in top condition for safety on the road, we have the auto parts you need to keep your ride running well.

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Does Walmart do tune ups?

Jiffy Lube supercenter tune up cost may vary from service to service, depending on the model, the mileage, and your location.

Jiffy Lube Tune Up Costs Walmart.

Every 3,000 to 10,000 Miles
Jiffy Lube tune up service Mileage Prices
Oil and Oil Filter Change Every 3,000 miles $30–70
Service station