Is a Turbo 350 transmission good?

A turbo 350 transmission is the perfect transmission for your entry-level sports car, light truck, or rally race. High performance and tough parts give this transmission the ability to handle a variety of use cases.

Is the TH350 a good transmission?

The TH350 is an automatic shift, three-speed transmission. It is widely considered to be one of the greatest of automatic transmissions ever built.

Which transmission is better TH350 or TH400?

Quote: the 350 has less moving parts inside and is generally stronger. The TH400 and TH475(trucks & motorhomes) is stronger than a TH350. However, the TH350 has a better 1st gear, is lighter, and can still be built to take a decent beating.

How much horsepower can a Turbo 350 transmission handle?

The TH350 can easily handle 600 lb/ft when properly built. It doesn’t take anything super fancy. I have a couple at 600+ using a stock intermediate roller clutch setup.

What is the best transmission for a 350 Chevy engine?

TH350. Best transmission choice, hands down. The Turbo Hydra-matic 350 was first used in 1969 model cars. It was developed jointly by Buick and Chevrolet to replace the two-speed Super Turbine 300 and aluminum case Powerglide transmissions.

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Is a 700R4 better than a TH350?

While a vehicle with 4.11 gearing may scream down the highway with a a TH350, it’s going to keep the engine in the power band longer. The 700R4 goes from a 3.06 -> 1.62 1-2 shift, which is way more aggressive than the Turbo 350’s 2.74 -> 1.57. Simply put, the TH350 is going to keep the vehicle in the power band longer.

Will a powerglide bolt up to a 350?

Registered. The powerglide should be fine with the 350 unless it is an air cooled version.

How much HP can a stock Turbo 400 handle?

About 400-450 HP/TQ is the limit on the stock TH400. With ONE almost free modification and some minor valve body calibration changes, 800 HP on an otherwise stock TH400 is not a problem if it’s assembled well (good endplay, etc), and the 34 element sprag is a wise addition above 450 HP or any drag usage.

Is a TH400 longer than a TH350?

They share the same bolt housing patterns, and often came behind the same engine types. Whereas the TH350 would be found behind a lower performance small-block 350 Chevelle, the TH400 would be the transmission that came with the 454 SS.

TH350 vs. TH400.

TH350 Transmission TH400
21 5/8” Length from Bellhousing to Tailshaft 25”

How much is a Turbo 400 transmission?

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Can a Turbo 350 handle 1000hp?

The TH350 can “hold” 1000 HP but it will be a more maintenance intensive unit that a TH400 or Glide. However, clutches are really not my worry when building a TH350 for that power level.

What’s the difference between Turbo 350 and Turbo 400 transmission?

Is there a big difference between a Turbo 350 and Turbo 400 – and which one do I want? They are completely different transmissions. The Turbo 400 is larger, longer, and heavier than the Turbo 350 and was designed to live behind higher-torque applications such as big-blocks.

How much does it cost to rebuild a Turbo 350 transmission?

A good TH350 is going to cost more than $200. I spend more than $200 on parts to rebuild one (stock) and I get good pricing on the parts since I’m a transmission shop. This doesn’t upgrades, labor, shop overhead, etc. The days of having an automatic transmission rebuilt properly for $200-400 are done.

Will a 200r4 bolt up to a 350?

This transmission is ideal for swapping with a TH-350 or a Powerglide, because the overall length and the bell housing bolt pattern of the TH-200-4R are the same, and your original driveshaft does not have to be shortened. … An aftermarket Powerglide detent is also available.

What transmissions will bolt up to a 350?

Re: Transmissions that will bolt up to a 350

The NP208 or 241 transfer cases bolt up directly.

How much is a used 350 Turbo transmission?

The average price for used th350 transmission is $230 for new, sold eBay auctions.

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