Is BKD a PD engine?

Pre 2008 engines are PD EA 188 (Pumpe Düse) based and given a BKD, BKP (Mainly in the Passat) or BMM, BMN, BMR and BRD engine code.

How do I know if I have a PD engine?

Easy way to tell is to look at the engine. If you see component number 11 in the picture then it’s not a pd engine.

Is BKD engine good?

The BKD engine used in various VAG cars is a very good and reliable unit. Head porosity was very rare and only afflicted a few cars in my experience. Turbo failure is common on this engine but apart from that they do not suffer injector or oil pump/balancer shaft issues and are a very reliable and widely used engine.

What PD engines are there?

The four cylinder PD engines came in 3 distinct generations – 1.9 and 2.0 8-valve Single Cam Engines, 2.0 16 valve Twin Cam engines, and late model 2.0 16 valve engines with Piezo injectors (often known as PPD engines – Piezo Pumpe Duse).

Is Bxe a PD engine?

@sideshow you are correct that the BXE is a specific variant of the VW 1.9 R4 TDI PD 43-118kW engine. The info below is from Wiki. Essentially, this ubiquitous engine has the same bottom end (cylinder block/crankcase, crankshaft) as the earlier 1.9 R4 TDI which uses a VP37 VerteilerPumpe distributor injection pump.

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How long do PD engines last?

Lots of them in the 150 to 200k mile range. Each of the 3 PD 4 cylinders sold here has its own unique set of “issues”, but the ALH has its own issues as well. They will last as long as you care to make them last.

What is the best PD engine?

Tuning the 1.9 TDI PD engines. Regarded by many as the best Diesel engine from the VAG group the 1.9 offers plenty of tuning potential. It had a long production run and is still regarded by many enthusiasts as a more reliable engine than the later 2.0 that replaced it.

What oil goes in a BKD engine?

Use the LongLife 5W30 as an annual service because it is higher quality. 507.00 is the magic number .

What cars have BKD engines?

Most popular models

  • 1998 Volkswagen Golf (Golf IV) 3.8. 900.
  • 2008 Volkswagen Golf (Golf VI) 4.5. 2.750.
  • 2003 Volkswagen Golf (Golf V) 4.0. 1.800.
  • 2012 Volkswagen Golf (Golf… 4.4. 6.990.
  • 2016 Volkswagen Golf (Golf… 4.2. 9.500.

How long will a 2.0 TDI last?

The main reason I purchased the VW Golf TDI is that with the diesel engine, life expectancy is 50-80% longer. A well-maintained diesel engine can easily go 400-500,000 miles.

What is the best VW engine ever made?

The the Generation 3 version of the 1.8L TSI takes the crown as the best VW engine on the market.

The EA888 VW Engine Family: A Brief History

  • Engine oil capacity: 4.6 liters for Gen 1 and 2; 5.7 liters for Gen 3.
  • Oil change interval, mile: 9,000 (15,000 km) or every 12 months.
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Do VW still make PD engines?

PD stands for Pumpe Duse, which translates into unit injector. VAG has replaced PD with common rail now.

Are all 1.9 PD engines the same?

All of them though have different maps on the ecu’s but all the engines are so so similar, the more powerful ones just have, when required, the ability to squirt a lot more fuel in and squish a lot more air down and in ! If you look in a technical manual all of the bore and stroke dims seem to be the same.

Are Bxe engines reliable?

Re: BXE 1.9 TDI engine failure

They are all reliable, when I started in this business 40 years ago, any car with 100K miles on it was a talking point, in the early days of Beetle production, you received a gold pin from VW if you managed 100000 KILOMETERS!

Are Bxe and BKC engines interchangeable?

considering the bkc/bxe is basically the same as any of the other mk4 PD engines… Seen numerous stock mk5 engines with holes in them and on mk4 mostly those that are modified get holes. Also mileage.

Is 1.9 TDI reliable?

The 1.9 is a tough old unit, very reliable in general but a bit of a tractor engine in terms of refinement (I’m on my 2nd, having done more than 40k miles in a car with a 1.9tdi now). Plenty strong though. The 2 litre is a much more refined, more powerful unit.

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