Question: What cars have VVT engines?

Are VVT engines good?

The increase of power in the upper parts of the rev range is great, but the low-down torque is what makes VVT so usable. … Thanks to more precise handling of engine valves, VVT makes engines significantly more fuel economical than their non-VVT counterparts.

How do you tell if my car has VVT?

The VVT engine is unmistakable .. the front of the valve cover is non-symmetrical . The Intake side is NOTICABLY larger, and there is no Cam sensor sticking out the front.

What does VVT mean in car engines?

Basic Theory. After multi-valve technology became standard in engine design, Variable Valve Timing becomes the next step to enhance engine output, no matter power or torque. As you know, valves activate the breathing of engine.

Does my engine have VVT?

You can tell if your motor has VVT by looking at the cover. You can see the camshaft phaser actuator on the top, and also a five pin harness at the bottom. If the motor does NOT have VVT, there will be no phaser, and the harness will be three pin. You can tell if your motor has DOD by peeking at the valley cover.

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Is VVT the same as VTEC?

VVT and VTEC are the same thing. Honda name it differently for marketing purpose. VVT and VTEC are valve control system. So basically, they control the opening of engine valves depending on the power needed.

Is the 3.6 L VVT a good engine?

The FCA 3.6L Pentastar engine is reliable. We’ll give the Pentastar above average marks for reliability. Again, there is a reason this engine is powering so many flagship vehicles from Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, and Ram; the same reason it’s been around for a decade.

What causes bad VVT sensor?

The most common cause of failure for both the VVT switch and the VVT solenoid is a lack of basic maintenance. If your oil is dirty, sludge can clog the screen on the solenoid, causing a failure. If the engine oil level is low, you will also experience problems with VVT operation.

What is a VVT delete?

A VVT Delete Kit removes the VVT components and replaces them with standard parts. … A new, 4X, non-VVT upper timing gear, A new harmonic balancer bolt, and. New camshaft bolts.

How is VVT problem diagnosed?

Here are a few symptoms of a worn out or broken VVT solenoid.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Solenoid

  1. Check Engine Light comes on. …
  2. Engine oil is dirty. …
  3. Rough engine idle. …
  4. Decrease in fuel economy.


Which is better VVT or VTEC?

VVTi cars do not have the dramatic jolt that VTEC cars do but they are more efficient and powerful than their non VVTi counterparts. BMW had single VANOS, which I think only adjusted advance for the intake side. Then they had double VANOS which did both intake and exhaust.

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Should I delete VVT?

Eliminating the VVT system is required when swapping to a non-VVT camshaft. These cams offer higher valve lift and longer duration for more performance. A VVT delete kit removes the VVT components and replaces them with standard parts.

What does V6 VVT mean?

Variable Valve Timing (VVT): variable valve timing, or cam phasing, helps the 3.6L V6 deliver optimal performance and efficiency, and reduced emissions.

What year LS has VVT?

GM has announced that all V-8 powered Chevrolet and GMC trucks now feature variable valve timing (VVT) for the 2010 model year. A quick trip back to engineering 101 reminds us that VVT is a piston technology that enables continuous control of valve opening and closing.

Can you tune out VVT?

There is real no benefit of removing VVT. VVT provides a stock engine with the best of both worlds: Retarded timing for low end torque when you need it, and some advanced timing at the top end for power. Again, I’m supercharging my engine and although it can be tuned for, I do not want my timing changing through VVT.

Does LS VVT?

They also have a 5-pin connector for the VVT and camshaft sensor. Engines without VVT will not have the actuator. They only have a 3-pin connector for the camshaft sensor.

How is it identified?

Camshaft Phaser Actuator P/N Years Used Degrees of Rotation
12585994 2007-08 62 degrees
12606358 2008-15 52 degrees
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