Quick Answer: Can you use a 24 volt trolling motor on a 12 volt battery?

yes you can use a 24V battery to power 12 v accessories such as a trolling motor , but you’ll need a voltage converter.

Can you run a 24 volt trolling motor on 12 volts?

For a cable steer or hand controlled model this will not hurt the motor, but it will considerably affect the performance of the motor. … However, an electric steer motor, such as, the PowerDrive, Terrova, or Ulterra cannot be used on lower voltages.

What is the difference between a 12V and 24V trolling motor?

Trolling Motor Voltage & Batteries

A 12-volt trolling motor is the most inexpensive and easiest to run. … A 24- or 36-volt system will allow the angler to fish longer periods out on the water, as they draw lower amps while providing increased thrust for more power.

Can you charge a 24 volt system with a 12 volt charger?

You cannot use the 12V charger directly to charge a 24V battery. To do the task you will need a boost converter capable of generating output voltage greater than 24V. Boost converters step up the voltage, keeping the input and output power constant.

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Is a 24V trolling motor faster than a 12v?

What you get in a 24v system is the ability to have a t-motor that delivers more “thrust”/power or more ability to push a (bigger) boat around easier and faster. You can have a lower thrust 12v t-motor wired with two 12v batteries and that will give you more hours of operating time.

How deep should my trolling motor be in the water?

Setting your trolling motor at an appropriate depth will help it to function properly, while at the same time reducing the risk of it becoming damaged. Remember, the general rule is to keep the motor submerged 12 inches below the waterline.

How long does a 12-volt trolling motor last?

6-8 hours seems reasonable with an older motor. Battery group size could play a role in life but on a 12v older power drive a 24 to 27 group battery running between 6-8 hours is in line with where you can expect yourself to be.

Does a 24 volt trolling motor need 2 batteries?

24 Volt Systems (2 Batteries)

1. Two 12-volt deep cycle batteries are required. 2. Make sure that the trolling motor is switched to the off position or speed selector set to “0”.

What happens if you charge a 12V battery with 24V?

Yes, if you regulate the voltage down to the right amount. If you just plug a 12 volt a battery into a 24 volt charger it will die in a matter of hours.

How do you make a 24 volt battery charger?

How to Make a 24 Volt DC Battery Charger

  1. Secure the transformer to one end of the 2-inch by 10-inch block. Connect a power cord to the two primary terminals of the transformer. …
  2. Secure the bridge rectifier to the wood block. …
  3. Cut one 5-inch red wire and one 5-inch black wire.
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