What’s the difference between Turbo 350 and Turbo 400 transmission?

Is there a big difference between a Turbo 350 and Turbo 400 – and which one do I want? They are completely different transmissions. The Turbo 400 is larger, longer, and heavier than the Turbo 350 and was designed to live behind higher-torque applications such as big-blocks.

Is a TH400 better than a TH350?

The TH400 and TH475(trucks & motorhomes) is stronger than a TH350. However, the TH350 has a better 1st gear, is lighter, and can still be built to take a decent beating.

How much longer is Turbo 350 than Turbo 400?

The overall length of the TH-400 is 38 inches, while the overall length of the TH-350 is 33 5/8 inches, if both use the longest tail shafts available. The TH-400’s body is 25 inches and the TH-350’s body is 21 5/8 inches long.

Will a TH400 replace a TH350?

Yes, you can. As previously stated, you would need to change the output yoke – and you would need to move the crossmember back 4 inches to fit the TH400 mount. You would need to either mount the electric kickdown on the carb, or on the throttle bracket inside the cab.

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Are Turbo 350 and Turbo 400 torque converters the same?

Yes they are the same and the converter will work on a TH400.

How much HP can a stock TH400 handle?

About 400-450 HP/TQ is the limit on the stock TH400. With ONE almost free modification and some minor valve body calibration changes, 800 HP on an otherwise stock TH400 is not a problem if it’s assembled well (good endplay, etc), and the 34 element sprag is a wise addition above 450 HP or any drag usage.

Does a Turbo 400 have overdrive?

The Turbo 400 has earned the reputation of a tough, reliable transmission that can survive harsh duty, but is there a better alternative? Although not often considered as such, much like the Turbo 400, the 4L85E is a solid contender for use in heavy, high-horsepower vehicles, and has the added benefit of an overdrive.

How much horsepower can a Turbo 350 handle?

The TH350 can easily handle 600 lb/ft when properly built. It doesn’t take anything super fancy. I have a couple at 600+ using a stock intermediate roller clutch setup. The int roller clutch setup is the common failure point of a TH350 when making HP, getting aggressive shifts, and burnouts.

What’s better 700R4 or Turbo 400?

The TH400 is much stronger, but it doesn’t have overdrive and the first gear is only 2.48:1. The 700R4 has an overdrive gear (0.7:1), and a 3.06:1 first gear, but it’s not as strong.

What transmission is better Turbo 350 or 700R4?

If you’re after good performance with good fuel mileage, stick with the 700R4. If all you want is good performance then go with the TH350. GM put that transmission in millions of vehicles so it will work just fine without an OD gear. Another option is doing a 200-4R swap.

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Will a Turbo 350 replace a Powerglide?

They physically swap, same size. I suggest counting the teeth on both flywheels to see if they are the same. You’ll need to use a torque convertor for a Turbo 350.

Are TH350 and TH400 same length?

You didn’t do a swap from a long TH350 to a short Th400, More likely a short TH350 (6″ tailhousing), to a short TH400 (4″ tail). In that case the Th400 is about 1/2″ longer.

Is a Turbo 350 transmission good?

A turbo 350 transmission is the perfect transmission for your entry-level sports car, light truck, or rally race. High performance and tough parts give this transmission the ability to handle a variety of use cases.

How many gears are in a Turbo 400?

TH-400 transmissions are three-speed automatics, with a 2.48:1 first gear. Reverse gear is 2.08:1 and third gear is an even 1 to 1. Turbo 400s use three tail shaft lengths; the most preferred units for a GM swap would have the short 4-inch tail shaft.

How much is a Turbo 400 transmission?

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Can a torque converter increase horsepower?

A higher stall speed torque converter DOES NOT add any horsepower. What it does, is move the engine rpms up higher at launch, so that you have more horsepower per mile per hour. Just like when you rev a stick shift car up higher for a quicker launch.

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