Where is my transmission serial number?

Every car has its identification code, it consists of 17 numbers and letters, and it is located on a metal plaque that you can see from the outside just in front of drive ‘s side through the windshield. It can be easily found on the door tag or in some vehicle papers.

How do I identify my transmission?

Identify your transmission type with the quick methods below:

  1. Look At The Placard On Driver’s Side Door. …
  2. Use The Owner’s Manual. …
  3. Find Under The Hood Or Transmission Oil Pan. …
  4. Decode The VIN Number. …
  5. Find Your Transmission By Vehicle’s Model, Year, Or Engine. …
  6. Use The Transmission Lookup Tool. …
  7. Automatic Transmission.

Can I tell transmission from VIN number?

Does VIN Number Tell Me About My Transmission? Yes, the Vehicle identification number reveals information about the transmission of the vehicle. The Vehicle identification number is a 17-digit number where each of them has a unique meaning that is associated with the vehicle.

Which number in the VIN is the transmission?

Vehicle Identification Number – VIN NUMBER

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This is a 17-character number that uniquely identifies the transmission type, factory installed engine, where it was built, among other details.

How do I know what GM transmission I have?

The easiest method of GM automatic transmission identification is to examine the transmission pan. New transmission designs came with new, unique pan shapes, and the general shape of the pan often paints a fairly clear picture of which automatic transmission you are dealing with.

What vehicles have a 4R75W transmission?

The 4R70W/4R75W transmission is used extensively in such popular applications as the following:

  • Ford (F-150 Series pick-up trucks, E-150 Series vans, Explorers, Expeditions, Crown Victorias, Mustangs and Thunderbirds)
  • Lincoln (Town Cars and Mark VIIIs)
  • Mercury (Cougars, Grand Marquis, Mountaineers and Marauders)

What vehicles have a 5R55E transmission?


  • 1997 Ford Aerostar (with 4.0 V6 engine)
  • 1997-2011 Ford Ranger.
  • 1997–2010 North American Mazda B-Series.
  • 1997–2010 Ford Explorer.
  • 1998–2010 Mercury Mountaineer.
  • 2000–2003 Jaguar S-Type.
  • 2000–2006 Lincoln LS.
  • 2002–2005 Ford Thunderbird.

What does the 8th digit in a VIN number mean?

8th Digit: The 8th digit, in this case, a “Z,” is one of my personal favorites. It’s the engine size! So if you were to go to a junkyard, this digit is really helpful for vehicles that had two different engines during the same year.

What can a VIN number tell you?

Vehicle identification numbers can reveal many things about automobiles, including their airbag type, country of origin, engine size, model year, vehicle type, trim level, and plant name. The VIN (sometimes known, redundantly, as the “VIN number”) is the key to safety.

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What transmission Do I have tool?

Using a good flashlight, look for part numbers stamped into the transmission pan or the transmission itself. Your local auto part store or dealer will be able to cross-reference the numbers to determine the kind of transmission the part belongs to.

Does VIN number tell you production date?

Every car has a unique number called VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) that is used to identify in which month and year that particular model is manufactured. … The VIN is an alphanumeric code and you cannot tell the manufacturing month and year simply by looking at it.

What VIN digit identifies the year?

The 10th character in the 17-character VIN represents the vehicle model-year.

Is VIN number same as chassis number?

A car’s VIN number is sometimes called its chassis number. They are the same – the Vehicle Identification Number is stamped to the chassis of the car and so is fixed to that model in question.

How do I identify a 700r transmission?

2. Identification Tag

  1. The 1st number is the year model of the transmission. …
  2. The next 2 or 3 letters identify the model of the transmission. …
  3. If you find 2 letters, the transmission is made between 1982-1985.
  4. Wirings = 4L60.
  5. Aux TV Cable = 700r4.
  6. Red = Okay.


How do I identify a 4l80 transmission?

4L80e transmissions are pretty easy to identify. They have 2 speed sensors on the driver side of the transmission. The early units have no top bolt hole in the bellhousing so you loose 2 bolt locations. The early units also have the cooler lines together near the front of the bellhousing area.

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