Which auto parts stores install wipers?

“There’s no purchase necessary, ever,” she told me. Most places, including AutoZone, O’Reilly and Advance Auto Parts will also replace your wiper blades for free if you buy them at their store.

Does Advance Auto Parts install windshield wipers for free?


If your wipers streak, squeak or chatter, it’s time to replace. We’ll install the new set free with purchase.

Does AutoZone replace wiper arms?

So, whether you need a new windshield wiper cowl cover, wiper blades, or wiper arm replacement parts we have what you’re looking for. … Swapping out your wiper blades is easy, and we make it even easier here at AutoZone.

Who puts wiper blades on for free?

Pep Boys offers free wiper blade installations. Last year we replaced wiper blades on more than half a million cars.

Does O’Reilly change wiper blades?

Our Parts Professionals will install new wiper blades on your vehicle free of charge. Whether you’ve bought front or rear wipers or both, our Parts Professionals are happy to provide this convenient service to help keep you safe on the road.

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Do Advance Auto install windshield wipers?

“Windshield wiper installation is also popular,” Hamilton said. … Most places, including AutoZone, O’Reilly and Advance Auto Parts will also replace your wiper blades for free if you buy them at their store.

Do you tip Advance Auto Parts?

As an employee of Advance, it is nice when customers give us tips for installing wipers or batteries. However, you do not have to do so if you dont want to or cannot. Those services are free for a reason. All we ask is that if you ask us to do something corporate says we can’t do, don’t curse us out for it.

How much does it cost to replace windshield wiper arm?

OE replacement wiper arms will generally cost you anywhere between $9 to $252. These are sold individually, in sets of two, or as part of a kit. Replacing your windshield wipers is a quick and easy fix that you can do on your own or with the help of a trusted mechanic if you’re having other work done on your vehicle.

How much do wipers cost?

The average cost for windshield wiper blade replacement is between $75 and $82. Labor costs are estimated between $26 and $33 while parts are priced at $49. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific vehicle or unique location. Related repairs may also be needed.

How much does it cost to replace a windshield wiper fuse?

Buy a replacement fuse of the correct amperage, then swap out the old one. If your wipers come back to life, a blown fuse was the problem. Cost of parts: About $10 for an assortment of 100 fuses. Cost of professional labor: $20 to $50.

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What will AutoZone do for free?

Free services at AutoZone and other auto stores

  • Read the codes on your check engine light.
  • Test your battery’s voltage.
  • Check your alternator and starter.
  • Help you install new wiper blades.

Does Walmart install wiper blades for free?

[Walmart] Walmart windshield wiper $10 + free installation.

What are the best windshield wipers?

  1. Editor’s Pick: Bosch ICON. …
  2. Best Budget Option: ANCO 31-Series. …
  3. Best for Winter: Michelin Stealth Ultra Hybrid Wiper Blade. …
  4. Aero Premium All-Season Wipers. …
  5. Bosch OE Specialty AeroTwin. …
  6. Valeo 900 Ultimate Series. …
  7. PIAA Silicone Wipers. …
  8. Rain-X Latitude Water Repellency 2-n-1 Wiper Blades.

How often do you replace wiper blades?

The general rule of thumb is to replace your wiper blades every six to twelve months. But depending on where you live and how often you drive, you may need to replace them sooner.

Will any wiper blade fit my car?

Windshield wiper blades are vehicle specific. On some vehicles, both wiper blades are the same size. … Check your owner’s manual and only replace your wiper blades with the size specified by the manufacturer. This will ensure proper fit and prevent unwanted damage.

What kind of windshield wipers are there?

The three main types of wiper blades are: conventional, flat and hybrid. If your car came with conventional windscreen wipers, they can be replaced with flat or hybrid wipers for a performance and visual upgrade.

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