You asked: Is Ram coming out with 10 speed transmission?

GM, which used to own Allison (purchased in 1929, sold in 2007), still uses their transmissions; an Allison-built 10-speed is behind the 2020 L5P Duramax diesel. … Allison’s new transmission is expected to be released in 2022, which is (around) when Ram will release their new class 2 and 3 heavy-duty lineup.

Will Ram come out with a 10-speed transmission?

According to our sources, Ram won’t wait for Aisin to develop a completely new transmission. Instead, they will switch to Allison’s new 10-speed unit, the same one the is used for the new Silverado HD, which turned out to be a very good and reliable gearbox.

Is Ram going to Allison Transmission?

The heavy-duty segment is still fresh for Dodge Ram trucks. Nevertheless, each year the company will add something new to keep pace with the competition. Ram HD, including both 2500 and 3500 models, debuted in 2019. …

Is Ram getting a new transmission?

The current generation of Ram’s HD series has been around for a couple of years but it looks like we are about to see some pretty big changes for the next year. According to the latest reports, FCA prepares a new transmission for these trucks, including the 2022 Ram 2500.

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Do Ram trucks have transmission problems?

Fiat Chrysler, the makers of the Ram line of pickups, issued a recall for just over 64,000 2019 and 2020 Ram 2500 pickup trucks, as well as 19,000 Ram 3500 trucks that were equipped with the 68rfe automatic transmission. The recall is due to a risk of fire caused by a potential transmission fluid leak.

Which transmission is better Aisin or 68RFE?

The 68RFE is not nearly as robust as the Aisin in any way, shape, or form. They are two totally different transmissions. … The difference is the Aisin has a much deeper First (3.75:1) and Second (2.0:1) to maximize the 6.7L’s torque delivery for more low-end pulling power.

What diesel engine will dodge use in 2022?

2022 Ram 3500 Under the Hood

This model is being powered by a 6.7-liter Cummins diesel inline-six, available in two variants.

Is Dodge dropping Cummins?

Chrysler is ending its contract with Cummins Inc. to build a diesel engine for the Dodge Ram 1500, which was delayed to the 2011 model year. After Chrysler filed for bankruptcy, Cummins was not surprised by the news about the contract, which was signed in 2006.

How much horsepower does a 2020 Duramax have?

Then there’s the legendary Duramax 6.6L V-8 Turbo-Diesel, making 445 hp and 910 lb-ft of torque, coupled with an all-new Allison® 10-speed automatic transmission.

What transmission does the 2020 Ram 2500 have?

Of course, being a large truck, the 2020 Ram 2500 Heavy Duty is available with a powerful turbodiesel engine—in this case a 6.7-liter Cummins I-6 that makes 370 hp and 850 lb-ft. It’s paired to a Ram-designed six-speed automatic transmission.

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Who makes the transmission for Ram?

Chrysler Group is licensed to produce the 8HP at the company’s Kokomo Transmission Plant and the Kokomo Casting plant, production began in 2013. This transmission is marketed by Chrysler under their own brand name, the Torqueflite 8. 2nd generation 8HP products were released starting in 2014.

Is the RAM Aisin transmission good?

The Aisin transmission may not be as reliable as everyone believes. RevMax, a reputable transmission rebuilder, had this to say about the Aisin, ” It was build with extremely low quality internal parts and its capacity to handle increased power in stock form is extremely low.

Why are Ram trucks so unreliable?

Like the other models on CR’s list of unreliable 2020 full-sized pickup trucks, the Ram’s low-reliability rating stems from a history of NHTSA vehicle safety recalls. The 2020 Ram 1500 currently has four recalls on it. These relate to potential issues with the truck’s airbags, back up camera, and windshield.

What year of Dodge Ram is the best?

The most reliable RAM 1500 model year

Out of all used model years, the 2018 RAM 1500 appears to have the least amount of overall complaints and receives’s rank as best used RAM 1500 model year.

Do Dodge Rams have engine problems?

One recurring engine problem with the 2011 to 2014 Rams are difficulties with the engine. One recurring problem involves the camshaft and lifters failing. This can cause a variety of engine problems, ranging from a knocking sound to serious engine damage.

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