Question: Where is the expiration date on a Cosco car seat?

If your child’s car seat has expired, then the safest outcome would be to purchase a new car seat. All car seats have stickers that indicate the date of manufacture. The sticker should either be on the back of the seat or underneath it on the bottom.

How do you tell if a Cosco car seat is expired?

Cosco Car Seat Expiration Dates

Cosco car seats have the expiration date embossed on the seat and listed in the manual. Infant Seats – Before December 14, 2013, expire after 6 years. After December 14, 2013, expire after 10 years.

How do you read the expiration date on a car seat?

An expiration date can be found on the white label on the underside of the car seat. Infant Car Seat : 6 year expiration means the seat can be passed down through several babies. The expiration date and date of manufacture are printed on a sticker on the top of the base (see picture below).

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Can you use an expired infant car seat?

Yes, car seats typically expire after six years from the date of manufacture. A sticker that provides the serial number includes manufacture and expiration dates. Of course, the seats don’t dissolve on the expiration date at the stroke of midnight.

Where do you find the expiration date on a safety first car seat?

Car seat expiration dates range from eight to twelve years, depending on the product. Many of our car seats have a sticker on the back of the seat with the date of manufacture. To find out when the seat expires, look in your manual for the lifespan of your seat or refer to the information below.

How long does a Cosco car seat last?

Cosco expiration dates and where to find expiration dates on Cosco Car Seat?

model date
The Cosco Topside Booster if manufactured before and after December 14, 2013 then it expires in 6 years.

Are car seats good for 10 years?

In general, car seats expire between 6 and 10 years from the date of manufacture. They expire for a number of reasons, including wear and tear, changing regulations, recalls, and the limits of manufacturer testing.

What happens if you use an expired car seat?

Materials break down over time.

Most car seats have a plastic shell. Plastic breaks down and degrades over time, becoming brittle. This could be very dangerous if an expired seat is being used in the event of an accident.

How long do mothers choice car seats last?

The Mothers Choice Nomad was built in approx 2008/2009, and would be most likely past the recommend lifespan of 10 years.

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How do I know when my Maxi Cosi expires?

Finding your seat’s expiration date is easy enough – on most car seats, it can be found either on a sticker on the seat itself or in the manual. Maxi-Cosi products have a sticker on the back of the seat with the manufacture date, and the lifespan is in the manual.

Does target take expired car seats?

During the trade-in event, Target will accept and recycle all types of car seats, including infant seats, convertible seats, car seat bases, harness or booster car seats and car seats that are expired or damaged.

Is it safe to buy car seats second hand?

Do not buy a used car seat unless you can verify the age of the seat. There should be a manufacturer’s label on the back or bottom of the seat that gives the manufacture date and/or specific expiration date. … The typical lifespan of a car seat or booster seat is six to 10 years.

How long can infant car seat be used?

As they do, parents using an infant seat generally switch to a larger, convertible seat anywhere between 9 months and 2 years, depending on their child’s size (bigger kids will likely move on faster), though they can opt to do so sooner if the seat is rated safe for their child’s height and weight.

Where is the expiration date on a card?

Expiration dates appear on the front or back of a credit card in a two-digit month/year format. Credit cards expire at the end of the month written on the card. For example, a credit card’s expiration date may read as 11/24, which means the card is active until the last day of November 2024.

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Where is the expiration date on Blue Bell ice cream?

The 9-digit code date can be found on the lid (near the brown rim).

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